Month: July 2017

Why The 2-Day Rule Works for Me

Guy meets girl.

Guy gets number.

Two days pass.

Girl’s in wonder.

Perhaps the most commonly asked question in the dating world is when should the guy contact a girl after getting her number? One side argues that it’s best to wait a couple days to build suspense. Opponents believe you should contact her the next day because no one wants to play games. Here’s the simple answer: it really doesn’t matter. If two people are truly interested in each other they will do what it takes to make things work. However, I personally wait a few days to contact a woman after meeting her. Here’s why.

Anticipation is an aphrodisiac. When a woman is thinking about you, it arouses desire and wonder. She’s asking herself, “why hasn’t he called me yet? I thought we had a real connection. Am I not pretty enough”? Gentlemen, the best position you can be in is on a woman’s mind all the time. When I meet women, I sometimes shoot them a text on the spot or later that night. The text will say nothing more than my name or “it was nice meeting you.” That way, she has my number. In the following few days, one of two things will happen:

  1. I will contact her after the first couple days.
  2. She will reach out first.

The first option usually happens about 75% of the time for me, which I assume would be the same for most guys. After this, I would pursue with the process of setting a date (a topic on its own that I will write about another time). On the other hand, the second option is a lot more exciting.

If a woman contacts you before you contact her, you can pat yourself on the back. Her attraction for you was so high, that she couldn’t stand waiting for your call/text. Be careful though, this could also be a red flag. Building anticipation is the number one reason I like to wait a few days, and weeding out the crazies is a close number two. The insecure woman will reach out to a guy after meeting him if she hasn’t heard from him because she believes he is either playing games or out messing around with other women. If a woman couldn’t wait to hear from me so she called me first, then good I’m fine with that, I’m actually flattered. BUT, if she’s calling to interrogate me as to why I haven’t called then I’m going to pump the brakes. This type of attitude often leads to problems down the road.

So remember, at the end of the day it doesn’t make  a world of a difference when it comes to contacting a woman for the first time. But, if you wait a few days, you build anticipation and you put yourself in a better position to spot the clingy, insecure woman.