Why Bad Boys are Attractive

We’ve all seen the movie where the nice guy loses the girl to the bad boy. The former gentleman pushes her away with his sweet and catering words of love and adoration while the latter guy comes in, uncaring and aloof, to sweep her off her feet and ride off on his motorcycle into the sunset.

But why is this?

Why does it seem that women constantly reject the decent guy with good intentions and chase after the mysterious bad boy?

To begin with, the nice guy is not a challenge. He makes his intentions known and pours out his emotions in fantastic romantic displays. He gazes into her eyes and gets lost in her beauty with a smile on his face that says “I can’t believe I’m here with you right now.” He gives her flowers and chocolates after only a date or two and tells her how special she is. After only a few dates (if he even gets that far) he’s already telling her that he loves her and that they should be together forever.

This turns a woman off in most cases because there is no mystery here. No one appreciates the things in life that take no effort to acquire. There is no value in something that is so easy to attain. So when nice guys pour their hearts out to women, this immediately diminishes the man’s value and takes away the challenge for a woman. While the nice guy is putting her on the pedestal and pushing her away by worshipping her, the bad boy keeps his feelings to himself and the woman constantly chases his validation.

The bad boy also has an edge, something the nice guy clearly lacks. A woman who fully embraces her feminine energy is in need of a masculine man who embraces and displays the energy of a dark warrior. The bad boy has the capacity to wreak havoc and destroy anything or anyone who threatens him or the ones closest to him. The nice guy is too fearful or weak to stand courageously in the face of a threat. Deep down, a woman knows that only one of these men can not only provide, but can protect her if a situation calls for it. This display of strength plays a huge role in a woman’s attraction to a man.

The dark energy I described earlier also plays a key role in the bedroom.

Nice guys are the types of guys to pepper their women with kisses, and want to make sweet love to their women. He’s sweet and gentle in the bedroom. Of course this sounds good in old school R&B music and romantic movies, but let’s remain in reality. Most women want to be dominated by their man. Have you ever thought about why women want men who are taller than they are? Women want to feel the power of their man, they want to submit and be ravished by the strong man they choose to be with. The bad boy isn’t making love to his girl, he fucks her to sleep. Sex is a key component in any relationship and deep down, so which type of guy do you think the average woman would want to sleep with?

This post isn’t telling you guys to go buy a leather jacket and start a bar fight. This post is to help guys realize that you have to embrace your dark side with women. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about owning your masculine power and not putting women on pedestals. This is why bad boys are attractive.

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