Sense of Suspense: Don’t Get Attached Too Soon

You thought it was going great. You thought you were doing everything you were supposed to do. You thought about every minute you spent with her and the memories bring a sense of nostalgia as you reflect on the good times you shared together.  Now she won’t even return your texts and you can’t help but to ask yourself:

Where did I go wrong?

The beauty in dating is having excellent balance. When it comes to attraction, it is always beneficial to be in a position where your partner wants you just a little more. It’s like a dance. You must be constantly in check of your own emotions and thoughts in order to internally gauge where you stand with your woman. If you feel like you are doing just a little too much pursuing or if it feels as if you are not getting the same attention/affection from your woman, then it may be in your best interest to take a couple steps back.

This DOES NOT mean that you should hide your attraction or be rude and ignore your woman. This is about maintaining a sense of suspense. Women are attracted to men who want them but do not need them. Too many guys get caught up in their attraction for a woman and they end up coming on too strong. This is when they start to over-text, over-compliment, and get over-emotional when their woman no longer  wants to come over (see what I did there?). Despite how strongly you may feel about the woman you are dating, it is key to keep those emotions in check.  The last thing you want to do is get too attached to a woman who you’re not in a relationship with.

So how do you keep from getting too attached?

The first way is to maintain a full life. When it comes to your list of priorities, the woman you are dating should not be number one. Your focus should always be on your goals and your mission in life. Ambitious men are the ones who spend their time doing things they enjoy with people they enjoy and they never lose focus on what drives them. The irony here is that by not focusing on women they become attractive because they live an attractive lifestyle. They’re not worried about a text back because they are too busy leading a full life.

Another way to avoid getting too attached when you’re single is to date multiple women. This does not mean that you are going out and sleeping with anything walking on two feet.The goal here is to keep your options open so that no one woman is occupying your thoughts day and night. This keeps you busy and independent of any one woman. At the same time, this gives you experience while maintaining mystery with the women you date. Mystery is the key. When a woman isn’t getting all of your time, she will become curious about you. She can’t be curious about you if you are blowing up her phone 24/7 professing your love for her.

Always remember that dating is like a dance. You must constantly find the balance between showing your interest in a potential partner and overdoing it. By maintaining a full, attractive life and keeping your options open, you drastically improve your chances of getting that text back.